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She's Nova - the Pilot

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NOVA - Nov 27 - 10 yrs old!

( & more than 30,000 miles in the DogSaucer! )

Thank you to ALL of Malvern for another Wonderful Parade!  Nova wished she could stop and be petted by all of you. I was especially proud to salute a WWII veteran who was on the parade route.


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Nova and I had a great time at Ephrata again!  See you next month.


Thank you Rolling Thunder 2013, ALL the VETS, the wonderful people I met and all the other participants who support veterans.  This was a Great event, and Nova & I was happy and proud to be a part.  Nova appreciated all the special attention also.   

Support - Rolling Thunder in your

hearts and minds - Every Day!


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Thank You (from Nova too!)


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The Invasion has Begun !





We are Proud to say, we are on a path to start sales possibly even this month.  It has turned out Better than originally imagined. 


Some of the features include - electric windows, 3 storages, fully padded interior, water & food bowls and extremely light weight!  It weighs only about 210 lbs.


We expect to start sales through an operation called  We will also be producing comical video for YouTube.  Also we are hoping to be help cheer up the lies of children with disabilities by visiting Children's Hospital and others.  We hope you will support our efforts of good will.  Please go to the Fans page and send us your e-mail.


Thanks - Greg & Nova





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Greg & Nova





This is the New DogSaucer.  We call it the DS2.



DogSaucer gives you the ability to bring your best friend,

your dog, with you - in style, comfort and safety.